Endaga CCN1: The world's simplest cellular network.

Your own cellular network: just add power and internet.

The Endaga CCN1 is everything you need to create your own independent cellular network. The CCN1 provides voice, SMS, and data service to standard GSM phones. We automatically set up your network and keep it running. All you have to do is plug in the CCN1 to power and any available Internet connection.

Turnkey solution for rural cellular.

Once your CCN1 is installed, the only decision you have to make is what prices to charge your subscribers. You set prices that are appropriate for your community and your business. We provide a ready-to-use prepaid billing system for your users.

Talk to the world. Real numbers let you call anyone, anywhere.

We provide your subscribers real phone numbers, and we connect your users to the global phone network. That means that your subscribers can call friends and family outside their community.

Keep the network running with our management dashboard.

Our cloud dashboard gives you insight into activity on your network and your users. We keep track of your network status and automatically configure it for you.

Make calls and send SMS globally.

Endaga gives your users globally-addressable phone numbers, so they can talk to anyone they want.

Works with existing phones.

The CCN1 works with standard GSM phones, so your subscribers can use the phones they already have.

Flexible billing system.

Full-featured and flexible billing system lets you set prices and charge subscribers for service.

Real-time usage statistics.

Cloud analytics allow you to track and monitor the usage of your network, quickly discovering outages and other events.

Suite of network tools.

Suite of tools, including credit transfer, credit check, number check, and number provisioning, allowing anyone to operate a cellular network.

24/7 support

We're here to help you whenever you need it (but the CCN1 is so simple, we doubt you'll ever have to get in touch).